Air Products’ subsidiary, Air Products San Fu Co. Ltd has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) in Taiwan.
The document commits Air Products to supply nitrogen and bulk gases to new facilities in the Tainan Science Industrial Park (TSIP).
The LOI further substantiates Air Products San Fu as an established supplier in the region. The firm manages to meet its customers’ needs through a large, ultra-high purity bulk gas facility and a pipeline from an ultra high purity nitrogen plant. Indeed this LOI states that Air Products will supply nitrogen to UMC’s new 300mm wafer fab via its extended pipeline system in the park.
Corning Painter, Vice President and General Manager of Electronics at Air Products described the importance of this news. He said, “UMC is a leading global semiconductor foundry and has been a strategic customer for Air Products. We are honoured to again be selected to support their business growth.”
“TSIP is one of the largest science parks in the world with a cluster of key electronics customers whose demand for gases have been growing along with the industry recovery. Our pipeline system and bulk gases facilities have created a reliable and flexible network to meet any new volume demand in a quick and cost-effective way.”
In addition to UMC, Air Products benefits from a portfolio of customers in TSIP. This includes major TFT-LCD manufacturers and other semiconductor customers.
According to Air Products, UMC is the world’s second largest foundry company and a leading 300mm wafer manufacturer.