Pioneering vacuum technology company, Leybold, have announced their new dry screw vacuum pumps.

The highly energy efficient DRYVAC DV 500 and the more powerful DV 800 feature a screw design and will compress completely dry, meaning no operating lubricant is necessary.

This provides the technology with an advantage over oil-lubricated piston or rotary vane vacuum pumps, as far less maintenance is required.

Characterised by high particle and condensate compatibility, the increased efficiency of the robust screw vacuum pump also helps to minimise operating costs.

With its dimensions directly derived from the previous DV 650 models, adapting to the DRYVAC DV 800 will feel familiar to regular users of Leybold’s vacuum pump technology.

In an industry where time is money, the increased pumping speed of the DV 800 means that in areas such as battery manufacturing or packaging machines, the higher process speed will ensure that revenue is maximised.

The DRYVAC DV 500 and DV 800 also feature advanced network technologies which allow for monitoring via a cloud platform and will be available as standard from Q3.