Vacuum specialist Leybold has announced its new small plug-and-play high vacuum pumping system, the TURBOLAB Core (Core), which marks the completion of its TURBOLAB series of products.

The new system, designed for R&D, laboratory and industrial applications, aims to fill the gap for entry-level vacuum requirements that need a clean, dry, stable high and ultra-high vacuum.

With this new addition, the TURBOLAB series is now available in five variants featuring TURBOVAC 90 I and 250 I backed by DIVAC 1.4 dry diaphragm backing pump.

The Core comes with a low-noise high-vacuum design, specifically geared towards use in the specific ambient conditions of laboratories and research facilities.

Leybold TURBOLAB with vacuum system.

Leybold TURBOLAB with vacuum system.

To further the noise-reduction aspect of the system, its compact pumping station frame comes fitted with rubber feet.

“With this foundation, we prevent the transmission of vibrations, for example when the TURBOLAB Core is placed close to a microscope,” explained Petr Lastovicka, Product Manager, Leybold.

The Core also features an ‘intuitive and user-friendly’ interface, with the controller also providing a display for speed and pressure.

A time delay or pressure-dependent start-up option can also be provided for the TURBOVAC i and the DIVAC.