Vacuum specialist Leybold has extended its VARODY platform with the introduction of a new heavy-duty and oxygen version.

According to the Germany-based company, the VD HD/O2 version is particularly well suited for rough coating, drying and regeneration applications.

The innovation is available in pumping speed sizes of 65, 100, 160 and 200m3/h and has been specifically equipped with a stainless-steel exhaust and built-in purge module.

In comparison to competitive screw vacuum pumps, VARODY is completely oil-free, preventing potential reactions of the lubricant with process media as well as back diffusion toward the process chamber.

Based on this completely oil-free operation and the additional precautions taken to ensure hydrocarbon-free surfaces, the VD HD/O2 can tolerate 100% oxygen.

pic Varodry HD O2

Source: Leybold