Vacuum specialist Leybold prides itself in its innovations to better serve its customers.

The Germany-based company recognises the vacuum technology functions almost as a heart in most systems and enables processes to run.

Fore vacuum

To serve its customers efficiently, Leybold’s ECODRY series offers a clean, silent, compact and low-maintenance pump for use in analytical or research laboratories.

The pump class lies in the transition area between small laboratory devices and large machines. However, the most significant innovation is the reduction of noise level.

“The pump is compact, low-vibration, powerful, easy to operate and very quiet in its design,” said Alexander Kaiser, Product Manager at Leybold.

High vacuum

Leybold’s devices in the TURBOLAB series are plug-and-play high vacuum pump systems and offer a wide range of variants. They are compact, fully assembled and can be put into operation immediately.

Different configurations cover the vacuum requirements of applications in the R&D markets and analytic applications.

The oil-free hybrid bearing of the TURBOVAC i/iX turbopumps and the choice of the different dry-compressing fore vacuum pumps allow hydrocarbon-free operation.


Leybold’s TURBOLAB systems can be equipped with THERMOVAC TTR fore vacuum gauges and PENNINGVAC PTR high vacuum sensors. Connected sensors are detected and pressure readings are automatically shown on the display.

All critical parameters and operating conditions such as errors, warnings etc. are automatically recorded in an internal memory based on a standard time interval and can be adjusted by the user directly on site.

A full portfolio of sensors and controllers makes the measurement and control of the process easy.

Leybold offers innovations with its sensors for vacuum measurements in numerous applications in the pressure range of 2000 to 10-12 mbar.

The measure devices offer precision, an extended measure range, improved reproducibility and process stability.

Leybold offers sensors of various designs with the own characteristic measuring ranges. A distinction is made between direct and indirect pressure measurements.

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