Leybold, a Cologne-based vacuum specialist, has developed two new online tools to assist its customer’s pump choice and layout of complete vacuum systems: The Pump Finder and the calculation tool LEYCALC.

The Pump Finder is designed to navigate vacuum users step-by-step to find the ideal pump for their application. Throughout the selection tool, pumps can be refined by entering valves for chamber size, target pressure and pie dimensions.

There are two calculation options for modelling different vacuum applications: process flow and vacuum chamber pump down

LEYCALC can be used for detailed engineering of vacuum systems using the same algorithms as Leybold’s application experts. The tool allows customers to calculate their vacuum systems independently and for complex scenarios, the experts offer support.

“Previously, we had to adjust parameter such as chamber size, process gases, cycle times, pipe length and pressure valves during the initial contact with the customer,” said Dr. Kammermeier, Global Application Manager, Industrial Vacuum.

“With the help of the simulation software, the user can independently calculate configurations and get an initial idea of the vacuum performance.”

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