Vacuum specialist Leybold has launched the LEYSPEC for efficient residual gas analysis in vacuum systems.

The product series is available in six variants and is therefore predestined for all basic and extended residual gas analysis methods in demanding high and ultra-high vacuum applications.

Due to its compact size and flexible mountability, the innovation is suitable for very different installation situations and measuring tasks in research and industry.

The device is designed for modern and sustainable process monitoring and thus combines uncomplicated handling with maximum detection sensitivity.

Equipped with an integrated display, the LEYSPEC product range is easy and ergonomic to operate: At the touch of a button, users can display the partial pressures of the relevant gases at any time. If the user is interested in an additional gas in his process, another channel can be individually assigned to it.

The LEYSPEC software, which is part of the product range, supports the comfortable usability of the LEYSPEC models and also enables a wide range of applications – from simple operations to complex analyses.

The software always displays the total pressure. The intelligent software offers users various analysis options from which they can choose. Additional test procedures and functionalities are pre-installed, such as the helium leak test or the setting of warnings and error limits for certain gases. Simple gas analyses can be performed without connecting the LEYSPEC to a computer.

pic Leybold Leyspec

Source: Leybold