Vacuum pump technology company, Leybold, has announced its new series of compact filament pirani gauges.

The latest series, named the Thermovac TTR-RN, provides a new compact filament pirani gauge for vacuum applications requiring a measurement range from atmosphere to 1e-4 mbar (7.5e-5torr).

Compact and durable, this latest in filament technology will allow users to more easily monitor small and large vacuum systems. This permits the user to control and scale in a far more targeted manner.

The new filament technology increases the sensitivity and accuracy of measurements. Combined with advanced electronics and interfaces, as well as reliable measurement results, dead process time is reduced and the throughputs in the vacuum processes are increased.

In addition to the standard tungsten filament, the Thermovac TTR-RN series is available with the choice of a corrosion resistant platinum variant for harsher processes.

A filter is also integrated into the flange of the gauge, which allows for blocking of potentially damaging particles.

As well as backwards compatibility, the new series also features an illuminated ring with pressure indication and a choice of digital options.

Other customisable options include standard or corrosion-resistant measuring cells, an array of different flange types, communication protocols, and output scaling options.

With after-sales support ensured and maintenance easily conducted by end users themselves, Leybold has announced the global availability of the product from today onwards.