Vacuum specialist Leybold GmbH will present its innovations at the Analytica trade fair in Munich next month.

With its new vacuum pumps for both industrial and high vacuum applications, the new two-stage SOGEVAC NEO D rotary vane pump offers a whole range of advantages, especially for these general challenges. The pump offers benefits in three very decisive areas: it is cleaner, quieter and practically maintenance-free.

The compact SOGEVAC NEO D is equipped with a high-quality exhaust filter inside the oil casing. Built-in filtration reduces the required integration volume of the pump and ensures a clean environment without oil smoke or loss while pumping down.

The SCROLLVAC series is characterised by low power consumption and high pumping speed. In addition, the SCROLLVAC plus with its extremely light, compact design takes up very little space in plants and equipment. This makes it easy to integrate into both new and existing vacuum systems. Their low level of vibration and noise (less than 55 dB (A)) increases the circle of potential users, especially as these factors play a central role in today’s ergonomically designed work environments.

Its functional and design features simplify daily use of the backing pump. For example, the hermetic sealing of the rotating parts from the pump chamber reduces the risk of contamination 

The ECODRY plus is a clean, compact and low-maintenance pump in the size class 40 to 60 m3/h, developed to meet the requirements in analytical or research laboratories. This pump class lies exactly in the transition area between small laboratory instruments and large machines.

The ECODRY plus was developed exactly according to the requirements of systems such as mass spectrometers and electron microscopes. It is therefore also suitable for large accelerators because there is no contamination by dust or oil. It offers users a high degree of comfort, pumping speed performance and flexibility. 

The future-oriented TURBO.CONTROL i controls and monitors the turbo molecular pump product line TURBOVAC i(X) and is suitable for use in high vacuum applications and integration into compact system solutions. The Leybold innovation can be operated intuitively and precisely via the display and the front keys or via the pre-installed web server interface. Via the web server, all pump parameters can be easily viewed and set using PC or mobile devices. The most important parameters are written to the log file; various special data queries are possible depending on the requirements.

The device is generally mounted in the rack, yet a desktop case is available separately. The TURBO.CONTROL i can operate one TURBOVAC i(X) each and can be connected to all TURBOVAC i(X) models for on-site control and data reading.

All these technologies will be on show at the international trade fair held from 10th to 13th April at Messe München.