Vacuum specialist Leybold will present its product solutions for the development, manufacture and testing of spacecraft, satellites and space-related technology at the Space Tech Expo Europe later this month.

Offering a wide range of standardised and specific system solutions with integrate fore vacuum and high vacuum pumps, Leybold’s innovations are individually tailored to the respective requirements. 

A major application for Leybold’s innovations in the space field, for example, is simulation and testing of electrical space propulsion systems for spacecrafts. For this purpose, ionised gas particles are accelerated by an electric field.

pic 1 Leybold UNIVEX_SXTT_chamber

Source: Leybold

Modern ion engines generate a gas flow of 0.1 to 10 mg/s. In order to maintain a good high vacuum at this considerable flow rate in the test chambers, a very high suction capacity is required – often in the range of 10,000 to 100,000 l/s.

Leybold has also developed an optimised and simple cryogenic solution for Xenon pumping. The strong single-stage cold heads of the Gifford-McMahon type carry metal discs that condense the Xenon gas with a pumping speed at the end of the theoretical limit.

pic 2 Leybold UNIVEX_SXTT_chamber outside

Source: Leybold

The Space Tech Expo Europe will take place between 19th-21st November (2019) in Bremen.