Vacuum specialist, Leybold, have unveiled the NDi central vacuum system which can be used for; food and packaging processes; research and development; and medical and laboratory applications.

In these areas of application, hygiene, economy, reliability, compactness and ease of operation are important to the operators.

For vacuum values such as the final pressure or pumping speed, process-dependent flexibility is also required.

On this, Dennis Schröder, Product Manager at Leybold said, “In view of these requirements, the strengths of our oil-free, air-cooled screw vacuum pump NOVADRY come into their own.”

“In addition to accumulating air and water vapour mixtures, the robust screw vacuum pump introduced in 2019 tolerates, among other things, contamination of the gas flow with organic acids, food additives or other residues. This ensures long operating times.”

The system will also by equipped with the VAControl CAB, allowing intelligent control of all processes, continuous data recording and direct control of the system via various interfaces and end devices.

The standardised NDi vacuum systems are available fully assembled in different pumping speeds: as ND 400i with 400 m3/h pumping speed and as ND 600i version with 600 m3/h pumping speed.