German-based LT GASETECHNIK was recently visited by Denis Radtke, a member of the European Parliament and CDU delegate of the Ruhr district.

In the presence of the Director of the VDMA European office, Holger Kunze, there was an intensive exchange on the effects of the posting of workers directive (Directive 96/71/EC).

“LT GASETECHNIK reported from the practice on the thus required high administrative effort for commissioning, maintenance and service in other European countries. In a concrete example, for a posting to Luxembourg, one-third of the costs were additionally incurred for administrative work. The posting of highly qualified LT staff is clearly unassociated with the risk of underrunning the minimum wages and social standards, so that the necessity of these efforts is not revealed,” the company said in a press release.

“Mr Radtke understood well the particular problem of German machinery and plant engineering companies and announced to make a request to the European Commission. This is an impetus for the VDMA to sensitize the politicians for the administrative impact and to advocate an increase in the practicability of this directive for German posting companies.”



LT GASETECHNIK Managing Director Alexander C. Hanf and Denis Radtke Member of the European Parliament