Liberty Cryogenics, changing its focus from cryogenic repair and vacuum leak detection to the manufacturing of cryogenic valves and fittings, is currently in the process of establishing small natural gas liquefaction plants in Thailand for the transport of LNG to locations for fuelling taxis, buses and trucks.

The company already has a facility in Bangkok employing a 14-strong staff and is ISO 9001 certified, also in the process of obtaining European codes TPED category 3 and PED category 4. There are also plans for Liberty Cryogenics to apply for Canadian Registration Numbers, broadening the market area for its products and reflecting the firm's determination to gain global recognition and increased market share.

Liberty Cryogenics is also the agent for North America representing Cryotech, Cryothai and Cryo LNG, with this conglomerate of three companies owned by Sombat Lohkittivanish.

The construction of the liquefaction plants in Thailand will provide LNG to the much needed locations for fueling transport, a government effort in conjunction with the country's largest petroleum company, PTT, to use clean, alternative fuels.

Mr Lohkittivanish developed a unique liquefying process aimed at lower cost but higher purity, with expectations high for this innovative business venture.