Having previously been on display at the Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium in London last September, the Morgan LIFECar is to be officially unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show which starts on 4th March.

The LIFECar is considered to be quite a revolutionary vehicle and boasts both a radical and efficient design concept, which if in production is likely to command a great deal of respect.
Demonstrating economic viability and sleek style, in cooperation with QinetiQ, Cranfield and Oxford universities, BOC and OSCar, Morgan managed to create an ultra quiet, hydrogen powered car, with an exhaust system which produces only water vapour thanks to its fuel cell system. The total cost of the project will be £ 1.9 million.
The innovative LIFECar was among a number of green and efficient vehicles & technologies showcased at the Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium 2007 in September.