The medical gases business of North America, LifeGas, has introduced its new Linde Eclipse® portable oxygen concentrator to the US market.

Thanks to the device, healthcare providers in the US whose patients require a reliable supply of oxygen while traveling by air, train or automobile now have access to a 24-hour oxygen travel service while traveling anywhere in the world.

Using the travel-friendly and clinically sound oxygen supply system from Chart SeQual Technologies Inc., the Linde Eclipse® portable oxygen concentrator comes with a sleek carbon graphite look and feel, and is custom packaged for Linde in a plastic corrugated case intended for repeat courier shipments.

In essence, the Linde Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator is an advanced travel oxygen delivery system developed by Chart SeQual Technologies Inc., a San Diego-based medical device manufacturer. Chart SeQual Technologies develops oxygen systems known worldwide for their reliability, quality, and revolutionary design.

“The OXYTRAVEL® programme combines the latest technology, such as the Linde Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator, with a 24-hour professional travel coordination service anywhere in the world that is second to none,” said Anthony Eafrati, LifeGas Homecare Market Manager.

“People who need oxygen therapy while traveling can be assured that LifeGas has offered, and will continue to offer, the most reliable oxygen supply and personal caring assistance when they need it most.”

With continuous flow settings up to three litres per minute and pulse dosing up to 192 milliliters per bolus, the Linde Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator also utilises Chart SeQual Technologies’ well-known autoSAT™ technology. The oxygen concentrator is a 24/7 device meeting stationary, ambulatory and travel needs.