LifeGas, an affiliate of The Linde Group, has agreed to become the exclusive US distributor of BPR Medical Ltd’s innovative FireSafe™ Cannula Valve - a fire-arresting device that fits into standard oxygen cannula tubing to protect patients from the risk of oxygen fires.

The FireSafe™ Cannula Valve seals off and stops oxygen fires before they reach the source, therefore offering the potential to limit patient injuries, improve the probability of their survival and limit the structural damage caused by fire.

Mark Sanda, LifeGas Product Manager for the FireSafe Cannula Valve, explains, “In the US, over 1,000 oxygen fires occur each year, causing patient injury and often, sadly, death. Fires that are closer to patients are more likely to be fatal. The lightweight and disposable FireSafe Cannula Valve sits close to the patient’s face. This stops the fire early and fast, meaning patients are less likely to suffer fatal injury from oxygen in the supply tubing.”

“LifeGas is committed to keeping patients healthy and safe. It has been mandatory in the UK since 2006 to install these devices in all patient home oxygen supply systems. While there is no such requirement yet in the US, the FireSafe Cannula Valve provides healthcare providers with a cost-effective solution to lower the risk of serious patient injury in dangerous oxygen fires.”

Richard Radford, Managing Director of BPR Medical Ltd, said, “We believe LifeGas is the ideal partner to bring the benefits of the FireSafe™ Cannula Valve to the US. LifeGas continues to demonstrate that the health and safety of patients is of paramount importance to them – mirroring the philosophy here at BPR Medical. LifeGas’ eagerness to adopt new products like the FireSafe Cannula Valve is testament to that.”