Safety hose manufacturer LifeGuard Technologies (LifeGuard) and its manufacturing partner HydraSpecma Wiro AB (HydraSpecma) will showcase their new global production and technologies at international industrial gas technology conference Gastech 2022.

Taking place from 5th – 8th September in Milan, Italy, Gastech 2022 provides an opportunity for companies from across the world to exhibit a range of industry solutions. 

Having collaborated for nearly 30 years, LifeGuard and HydraSpecma will share a booth at the exhibition. 

“We have been working together with LifeGuard Technologies for 30 years now and this is a very good complement to our conventional high pressure gas hoses, because in this area it is all about safety,” commented Claes Lofgren, Sales Manager at HydraSpecma Wiro AB. 

Marking its first in-person conference since 2020, LifeGuard is using the event as an opportunity both companies to reconnect with existing European clients, in addition to presenting its full range of hydrogen hoses. 

“With the rapid expansion of hydrogen as a source of clean energy and the contemporaneous establishment of the LifeGuard Safety Hose as a standard for transferring gaseous hydrogen, we believe that this conference will prove to be a catalyst for our industry to learn more about and even adopt a similar standard of improving safety,” stated Andy Abrams, Executive Vice President, LifeGuard. 

At the show, the company plans to present its complete range of hydrogen hoses from vacuum-jacketed liquid transfer hydrogen hoses to ten thousand psi to cryogenically flexible low permeability hydrogen delivery hoses.