Lincoln Electric, innovators and manufacturers of welding products, has launched phase two of its ‘Are You Ready?’ campaign.
The campaign is intended to help fabricators to understand the requirements and ramifications of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP). The campaign also addresses the effects of the National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulation.
A primary objective is to promote effective welding fume control and safety practices, whilst also offering access to an extensive selection of reference manuals, tools glossary of terms and product solutions. Lincoln Electric has organised an interactive web site offering assistance with the new guidelines. Visitors can study manuals, ask questions and generally prepare for the new regulations by accessing
The EPA, MFHAP and NESHAP regulations will take effect in just under a year from 25th July 2011. The advice resources will be updated regularly up until the July launch. To supplement the online facility, Lincoln Electric will be presenting seminars to discuss the changes, welding fume control, welding safety and related topics. The company anticipates that this will be of particular value to Plant Managers, Engineers, Hygienists, Welding Supervisors and Operators.