The American Welding Society (AWS) and Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee (WEMCO) have appointed Lincoln Electric’s Director of Marketing to chair the Image of Welding Committee.
Lincoln Electric’s Director of Marketing, Philip Wittke has accepted the position. The Image of Welding Committee focuses on promoting the overall profile of welding as a career and sector. In particular, the Committee aims to encourage future sector employees into the profession.
Wittke remarked, “There are a myriad of issues affecting the availability of skilled workers in the welding industry – baby-boomers are ageing, displaced workers need retraining opportunities and generation Y (millenials) are looking for cool, technology driven career choices.”
The new Chair added, “These factors are combined with common misconceptions in the work place about what a welding career looks like. In my new role, I look forward to working with the committee and its respective strategic partners to implement strategic programs and initiatives that will raise the positive profile of welding and make it a desirable career choice.”
Wittke is set to serve both as Chair and a member of WEMCO’s executive board. He benefits from more than 24 years of experience in the welding industry in five different countries. He joined Lincoln Electric in 2001 as a Managing Director for Greater China. Whilst occupying this post Wittke was responsible for the daily management of Lincoln’s operations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Before joining Lincoln Electric, Wittke also held several management and technical positions in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand within the welding sector.