The Cleveland based firm, Lincoln Electric, has expanded its line of low hydrogen stick electrodes with the Excalibur® 9015-B9 MR. The new electrode specifically caters towards high-temperature applications in the power generation, petrochemical and process piping industries.
The full technical title for the latest addition is the Excalibur® 9015-B9 MR (AWS E9015-B9 H4R). This stick electrode is suited for all-position welding of modified 9% chromium, 1% molybdenum low alloy steels. The device benefits from a smooth arc and square coating burn-off to enable improved puddle control and visibility. Similarly, improved strike and re-strike capabilities reduce starting porosity and cleaning time, while adding to productivity. Other features include self-peeling slag and low spatter levels which ought to impact upon quality and productivity.
Excalibur 9015-B9 MR weld deposits ensure stress-releived mechanical performance capable of exceeding American Welding Society (AWS) minimum requirements of 620 MPa (90 ksi) tensile strength after two hours stress-relief at 760˚C (1400 F). The unit is manufactured to lot control standards and tested per AWS A5.5, Class 3 Schedule I. The certificates may be accessed online at
Users may purchase the electrode through local welding distributors, or by visiting