Lincoln Electric® has launched its new VRTEX® virtual reality welding training simulator to provide fast and efficient training for welders.

The VRAW™ (Virtual Reality Arc Welding) experience offered by VTREX simulators transfers seamlessly into real-world, hands-on welding training.

The next generation VRTEX welding systems feature a realistic GTAW (TIG) welding experience. The weld puddling, including weld discontinuities, is highly accurate and visually and audibly responsive to operator behaviour.

The operator uses an adaptive current foot control and can perform welds without filler metal on a variety of materials.

The new VRTEX 360+ allows schools or training centre to train two welders at the same time from one machine, each independently performing welds using different processes, coupons, joints and welding procedure specifications.

Lincoln Electric VRTEX Model

Source: Lincoln Electric