The Lincoln Electric Company has introduced an orbital metal inert gas (MIG) welding system that is ideal for industries where orbital welds are subject to exceptionally high standards, such as pipeline, construction or process piping.

Combined with the Lincoln Electric Power Wave® technology, the system redefines industry-wide parameters for quality, consistency and productivity. The system is driven by the APEX® 3000 Mechanized Controller, and it pairs with the HELIX® M85 weld head and track ring. Each component in the system has the ability to operate together, while the Power Wave advanced process welder can function independently.

The HELIX M85 weld head, as a digital system, calculates and controls travel time, weld speed and other variables, thereby alleviating complicated setup work on the front end. The track ring design allows the operator to install or remove the track in seconds. It also eliminates binding and compensates for work surface heat expansion. The gear-driven track resists wear, ensuring quality and consistency. The system also features an ergonomic, hand-held pendant with icon-based interface and full-colour screen.

“Quality and productivity don’t have to be difficult,” said Carlos Richmond, product manager, mechanised automation at Arc Products, a Lincoln Electric company. “Our new system offers the kind of versatility and efficiency that’s expected for achieving superior orbital MIG welds the first time.”