Lincoln Electric announces the release of a new quarterly publication, ARC Magazine, to appeal to anyone interested in or connected to welding and metalworking and the lifestyle associated with the trade.

According to the company, ARC celebrates the passions of the many people who weld, cut and shape metal every day, with interviews with some of the most recognized names in the field, and feature articles that will inspire them creatively and professionally. For new welders, ARC makes welding more accessible, less intimidating and provides tips that can help them improve skills faster. For seasoned practitioners, ARC offers advanced techniques to further develop their craft.

When asked why Lincoln has invested in this effort, US Marketing Communications Manager Craig Coffey responded, “ARC provides readers a window into the lives and businesses of some of the celebrity welders/fabricators that we’ve built relationships with over the years, as well as highlighting some of the great organizations we support.”

Bruce Chantry, Director of Marketing, North America, added, “We’re always seeking to gain a deeper level of brand engagement through knowledge sharing, whether it’s by publishing a magazine like ARC, via our Facebook pages, or through instructional videos like those found on our YouTube channel.”

ARC Magazine will be published in printed format and be available primarily through its distribution channel. An enhanced, tablet version featuring video and additional content can also be found in the Lincoln Library App, available through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.