Lincoln Electric and the National Coalition of Certification Centres (NC3) have joined forces to provide the curriculum and learning management resources for benchmarking and standardising welding performance.

Unveiling the effort on Thursday (2nd September), the duo said that welding education institutes offering the resources will become Lincoln Electric Educational Partner Schools (LEEPS) and will greatly support the next generation of certified welders.

Now being offered, the curriculum combines a set of instructions tools, resources and the supported needed to meet real-life welding challenges. Those that offer the LEEP programme will also have access to virtual resources to support students.

On the offering, Dan Klingman, Lincoln Electric’s Manager of Educational Programming, said, “There’s only one Lincoln Electric welding school in the world. Since 1917, we have put our stamp on education, making sure our programmes not just meet, but exceed, high industry standards and the quality welding we stake our name on.”

“The LEEPS programme is our latest effort to build a bridge between welding education and industry and deliver a skilled and knowledgeable generation of new welders to the field.”

Required for all certification plans, the LEEPS Train the Trainer course tests and endorses instructors on their welding knowledge and hands-on skills. The programme provides step-by-step overviews of the NC3 curriculum and learning management tools.