Lincoln Electric has released a new 4-pack rack, made especially for Flextec® 350X multi-process welders.

The heavy duty rack is designed to reduce the number of needed high-voltage cables and provide strain relief for those that are used. It reduces jobsite cable clutter and promotes greater jobsite safety with neat-input cable routing that keeps all rack cabling inside.

The rack accommodates up to four Flextec 350X welders and the welder mounting plate makes mounting or removing each welder a quick, simple process. A junction box door is designed to open down, leaving a convenient place to set tools during rack set-up.

The rack uses commonly available, low-cost fuses to reduce ongoing operation costs, it features a common disconnect switch – 200 amp, 600 volt, 3-phase – and powers all welders with one primary power drop.

Two racks can be bolted together to form an 8-pack rack that can be moved or lifted together as a unit. When combined, the resulting 8-pack rack uses just one primary input cable. The racks have forklift slots on all sides, covering both width and depth. Heavy, square tubing construction, including roof supports, resists bending and twisting during lifts.

The 4-Pack Rack, which meets the National Electric Code (NEC), can also be purchased as a complete system with factory-installed welders pre-wired to the main power distribution panel.

Lincoln Electric 4-pack rack

Lincoln Electric 4-pack rack