Lincoln Electric releases upgraded Accu-Pak® to enhance portability and recyclability.
The Ohio-based company Lincoln Electric recently upgraded its 500 and 1,000 lb. Accu-Pak® boxes. The updated versions offer increased portability, while the units are also designed to reduce waste and environmental impact thanks to their recyclable design.
The Accu-Pak boxes also feature an integrated feeding hat that eliminates the need for a separate feeding hat and thus reducing the amount of material required for feeding. Furthermore the lid enables direct attachment of the conduit, which maximises efficiency. The new boxes also have steel flow cones on top of the wire stack. These are designed with Lincoln’s Flow Cone™ technology to reduce waste and wire tangling.
Lincoln Electric’s boxes are specially designed to be stacked. The 500 lb. units can be arranged three high, while the heavier, 1000 lb. units can be stacked two high. Side-view windows also allow operators to monitor wire levels very easily.
SuperArc wires available in the new Accu-Pak 500 and 1,000 lb. boxes include L-50® (AWS ER70S-3), L-56® (AWS ER70S-6), and L-59™ (AWS ER70S-6). Similarly, the SuperArc LA-90 (AWS ER80S-D2) is available in the 500 lb. Accu-Pak box.
More information about the latest additions to Lincoln’s range may be found online at: