Lincoln Electric® has launched its new PRISM™ fume extraction system.

The system, designed for efficiency, was created with robotic welding and plasma cutting systems in mind.

The 45” x 45” reduced-footprint fan/filtration combination unit reduces the amount of necessary warehouse space, allowing users to have a fume extraction system close to application.

The four-bank vertically positioned filter configuration provides extraction capacity for any automated system equipped with a hood, or can connect easily to plasma cutting tables. Unlike horizontally aligned filters, the vertical alignment allows for more even dispersal of particulate.


Source: Lincoln Electric

Equipped with automatic filter cleaning, the system automatically starts the pressure-based cleaning process once pre-set pressure differentials are reached.

When the air pressure reaches a certain perimeter, the automatic cleaning system is engaged, causing bursts of air to pass through the filters and push particulate outwards and downwards into the extraction bin where is can be disposed later on.

The PRISM fume extraction system provides quiet and efficient operation, conserves energy and extends equipment life. The fan control technology and variable speed drive regulates the fan speed based on filter loading to maximise fume extraction.

The units are easy to install and use, and complete with Lincoln Smart Connect™ technology.