The Linde Group has announced a “first of its kind” partnership with NuMat Technologies under which the companies will pursue and accelerate commercial applications for NuMat’s innovations in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

MOFs are an emerging class of ultra-high surface area materials which can be programmed to selectively interact with targeted gases and chemicals.

As such, the collaborative partnership between the two companies will focus on the development of next-generation separation and storage technologies that critically depend on material performance.

It is understood that the corporations have already formed joint teams to work on multiple, ongoing projects, targeting both near-term market needs and potential growth areas. Financial details and contract terms of the partnership were not disclosed, however.

Ben Hernandez, CEO of US-based NuMat, explained, “We see enormous potential to pair our respective material and system technologies to unlock cost-advantaged production economics, packaging innovations and improved environmental outcomes across the full gas life-cycle.”

NuMat, based in Skokie, Illinois, is reimagining storage, separation and transportation options for gases. The company offers design flexibility and cost-advantaged production economics in the healthcare, industrial technology, and energy sectors.