Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced the publication of its authoritative text to specialty gases.

The hardback book covers the technical properties of 86 gases – from acetylene to xenon, as well as providing an overview on usage and applications for each gas, and a brief guide to regulatory compliance and information on safety – all within a compact 190-page A5 format.

The book, which is set to retail at €45, is available exclusively from Linde, but a limited number of complimentary copies are available.

As applications of gases are almost infinite, Linde is interested in continuously expanding its knowledge of how its HiQ® specialty gases are applied, and is also seeking application success stories from customers.

New applications will be included in updated editions of the Linde Gases and Applications book.

“This is a comprehensive book covering not only the chemical structures of specialty gases, but unusually for a reference guide to gases, it also illustrates how they can be applied in a myriad of applications. Highly recommended”, said Tony Boulton Ph.D, Head of Safety at University College London.

Stephen Harrison, Head of Specialty Gases and Equipment at Linde adds, “With its innovative gases technologies, Linde plays a pioneering role in the global specialty gases market.”

“We are proud of our competence and production quality and our HiQ® brand represents Linde’s commitment to the highest available global consistency across our specialty gases range. It is no surprise that we should deliver a specialty gases reference guide to assist our customers in as many applications as possible”.