A new hydrogen and carbon monoxide plant will be built at the chemical park in Dormangan.

The Linde technology group has concluded a 15-year agreement with Bayer MaterialScience AG on December 9th 2004 that will see 60 million invested in the on-site plant. Linde will supply hydrogen and carbon monoxide to the Lower Rhines sites at Dormagen, Leverkusen, and Uerdingen.

This deal makes Linde the leading supplier of these two chemical gases in Germany. \\$quot;The establishment of the hydrogen and carbon monoxide plant at the Bayer Chemical Park in Dormagen will create the second largest Linde site of its kind in Germany, after Leuna,\\$quot; said Dr. Aldo Belloni, a member of the Linde AG Executive Board and Head of the Gas and Engineering Segment. \\$quot;In addition, this project will furnish Linde with a secure, low-cost source of hydrogen, which can be harnessed to supply the companys own customers in the Rhine-Ruhr area, as well as the neighbouring Benelux states one of the most significant market regions in Europe.\\$quot;

Linde will supply both gases to the Bayer MaterialScience AG integrated site network, primarily for manufacturing the basic materials used to make paints and adhesives, as well as pre-products for polyurethane production.

The construction of the on-site plant, at an overall investment volume of around 60 million, and with a capacity of 7,000 m3/h of carbon monoxide and 18,000 m3/h of hydrogen, is scheduled for completion in fall 2005. The new plant will generate around 20 new jobs on the premises.