Ovako, Hofors Works of Sweden has awarded The Linde Group a contract for a new rotary hearth furnace for the reheating of semis, to be equipped with a REBOX flameless oxyfuel system and as the third such oxyfuel-fired furnace in Hofors.

Ovako is a leading European, long special steel products company, annually supplying up to 2 million tonnes of low alloy and carbon steel to the rolling bearing, heavy vehicle, automotive and engineering industries.

The first installation of oxyfuel in a reheat furnace at Ovako was made by Linde, 13 years ago. Since then the majority of the furnaces in Hofors have been converted into all-oxyfuel operations and in general, this has resulted in 35% increased heating capacity and 35% less fuel consumption. The REBOX flameless oxyfuel operation additionally leads to low NOX emission and high temperature uniformity.

The new rotary hearth furnace will play an important part in Ovako’s production of materials for the growing wind mill market, while the Gases Division of The Linde Group will deliver a turnkey installation project including guaranteed capacity, emission levels and quality. Commissioning is scheduled for February 2009.

REBOX oxyfuel solutions are employed in over 110 reheat and annealing furnaces. The use of oxyfuel will further improve important parameters such as fuel consumption, throughput capacity, and emission levels. Compared to air fuel solutions, oxyfuel can boost production throughput up to 50%, equally reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission by 50%.