While the company may be showcasing its innovative waste-water treatment techniques in Germany this May, The Linde Group’s particular focus in this emerging area is on the new EU markets - including the Baltic States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, where the company has strengthened its market presence.

As a result of this increased presence, Linde is able to provide comprehensive advice to operators of municipal and industrial water-treatment plants regarding how they can meet EU requirements on the treatment of waste water.

Describing the significance of this rapidly growing technology area, Dr Stefan Dullstein, Head of Aquaculture and Water Treatment at The Linde Group, commented, “In view of the growing requirements concerning environmentally friendly waste-water treatment, it’s not only important to provide customers with the technology they need, it’s imperative we advise them how to make the most economical use of oxygen.”

“Linde is definitely playing a pioneering role in this important environmental area.”

The economic benefits of Linde’s water treatment offerings include increased capacity of existing sewage treatment as a result of using oxygen intelligently – and with no additional investment needed for structural modifications. Plant operators also avoid having to make any penalty payments for exceeding treatment thresholds.

In addition, injecting oxygen into waste-water is currently the most eco-friendly technique for water purification, and accounts for Linde’s major role in the regeneration of rivers, including the purification of the River Thames in London as well as waterways in Hamburg and Berlin.