Linde North America Inc., has successfully commenced supplying ultra-high purity hydrogen (H2) and steam to WACKER for its polysilicon plant located in Chareston, Tennessee.

WACKER’s state-of-the-art multi-product facility, which recently began operating in Tennessee, can produce 20,000 tonnes per annum of polysilicon, a basic ingredient in the manufacture of solar panels and semiconductors. Linde’s ultra-high purity H2 and steam are essential to WACKER’s production of polysilicon for these consumer markets.

Jens Luehring, President of Linde Americas, said, “Linde remains committed to meeting our customers’ needs with a reliable supply of products and solutions, and this represents one more example of our commitment to customers.” Luehring continued, “Linde has a long relationship with WACKER, as we have supplied gas products to multiple WACKER operations around the world. We are very proud to extend our relationship as the supplier of ultra-high purity H2 and steam for WACKER’s new plant in the US.”

Linde is the world’s largest manufacturer of H2, covering the entire technology spectrum with plants in a range of sizes. The latest H2 supply agreement with WACKER underscores Linde’s focus on investing to meet demand growth in the US.

Linde hydrogen distribution

Source: Linde Group

Dr. Raghu Menon, Vice-President of Onsite Investment Projects for Linde Americas, said, “Linde has invested over $25m towards our H2 facilities at WACKER.”

“Our plant has a unique configuration tailored to support WACKER’s H2 and product purity requirements. We worked closely with WACKER’s team to develop the conceptual designs and optimise operations based on their specific needs. Linde’s team made every effort to ensure seamless collaboration at all stages, from project development to supply commissioning and operations,” Menon added.

The new WACKER plant uses Linde’s state-of-the-art Steam Methane Reforming and Pressure-Swing Adsorption technologies to produce the ultra-high purity product as required by WACKER. Linde also supplies WACKER with steam produced in the reforming process.

David Wilhoit, President and CEO, Wacker Chemical Corporation, commented, “WACKER operates North America’s largest and most modern polysilicon plant, supplying highest quality polysilicon to leading solar cell manufacturers around the globe.” He continued, “We rely on a stable on-site supply of high purity H2 from Linde.”

WACKER Chemie AG is a globally operating chemical company headquartered in Munich, Germany. It supports key markets such as construction, photovoltaics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, health care and household/personal care products.