The Electronics and Specialty Gases business of Linde North America recently commissioned a new carbon dioxide (CO2) purification unit at its electronics gases facility in Medford, Oregon.

Designed to produce CO2 with purity above 99.9997%, the production unit will provide primarily for the semiconductor industry and other electronics applications.

Linde’s Electronics and Specialty Gases business is a leading global supplier of a wide range of products – from high-purity nitrogen and rare gases to electronic process gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulfur hexafluoride and silane, to series of halocarbons. The company’s products are deployed across a number of industries and applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, the medical sector, scientific research, fibre optics, environmental testing and compliance, laser applications and lighting.

The Medford plant utilises a multiple-stage distillation process to produce several grades of CO2, including an ultra-low hydrocarbon grade for specialised on-wafer CO2 cleaning operations. This grade relies on a proprietary cylinder preparation process, which assures final hydrocarbons are at low part-per-trillion levels and are not deposited on wafer or mask surfaces – which in turn, would have a negative impact on yield.

Linde North America is the largest supplier of CO2 in North America, with over 25 potential raw material supply points, and Peter Thomas, Head of Marketing for Linde’s Electronics business, enthused, “Semiconductor manufacturers continue to reinforce their need for high quality and reliability of supply chain.”

“Linde’s investment in a completely integrated CO2 purification system at Medford allows us to fully manage the availability and overall quality for this key material.”

Also in the news with another CO2 development recently, Linde North America revealed this month that it had begun the set-up of a new CO2 plant in New York. The facility is based in Fulton and will turn ethanol to CO₂ at a daily capacity of around 600 tonnes and will be located at the Sunoco ethanol plant, housed in a former brewery in the Riverview Business Park.