The integration of Spectra Gases into Linde North America is complete, and customers throughout the world can now benefit from the synergy it has created.

Spectra Gases, which Linde purchased in 2006, has been a global leader in the next generation of fine chemicals and high-purity gases and is now part of Linde North America’s Electronics and Specialty Gases business.

The integration of Spectra’s high-end line of specialty gases, chemicals, isotopic gases and fluorine based mixtures for niche and critical applications, complements Linde’s broader range of offerings across the balance of packaged gases products and applications.

“With this integration, Linde now offers customers the most comprehensive line of packaged gas products and services in the industry,” said Cliff Caldwell, Vice President for Linde’s Electronics and Specialty Gases business in North America.

Linde’s Electronics and Specialty Gases business is a leading global supplier of a wide array of products and services, ranging from rare gases and calibration gases in the parts per billion, to electronic process gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulfur hexafluoride, silane and halothanes.

Industries served include medicine, scientific research, fibre optics, semiconductor manufacturing, environmental testing and compliance, laser applications, homeland security and lighting.

“Our strengthened capabilities in high purity gases and chemicals, combined with world-class applications engineering and technology expertise creates a business that is unparalleled in the industry,” Caldwell added.

“Linde’s ability to produce and purify rare and electronic process gases provides the high quality, security of supply and lower cost of ownership that is critically important in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.”

Linde is the world’s largest, fully integrated producer and supplier of bulk and cylinder supply, and can provide customers with the most comprehensive vertical production and supply solution in the electronics and specialty gases industry.

The Electronics and Specialty Gases business also recently consolidated its customer service organisation into a new state-of-the-art facility in Stewartsville, New Jersey, where it will manage all domestic and international order processing.

Previously, customer service had been handled at multiple facilities in New Jersey and Massachusetts. The new facility also serves as the headquarters for Linde’s US Electronics and Specialty Gases business.

Also housed in this location is the Linde national operations centre, which is responsible for customer engineering services, logistics, delivery scheduling and fleet management, remote operations and monitoring of the company’s network of over 70 atmospheric and process gas plants throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.