The Linde Group’s hydrogen (H2) fuel cell electric bicycle and portable H2 fuel cell generators will make their debut in Singapore this month as the multinational industrial gas company continues its commitment to the Shell Eco-marathon.

The Tier One player is intensifying its contribution to the annual event, an international competition for ultra-energy-efficient prototype vehicles, which forms part of the Make the Future Singapore festival and will take place from 16th-19th March.

This year marks the seventh consecutive year in which Linde will support H2-powered fuel cell vehicles, supplying and refuelling H2 cylinders and providing technical and safety support.

Making their debut at the Shell Eco-marathon Asia and inaugural Make the Future Singapore festival events, Linde will showcase its H2 bike and HYMERA® portable H2 fuel cell generator.

Hy!cycle linde h2 bike

Source: The Linde Group

The Linde H2 bike prototype (left) is a powered by an on-board H2 fuel cell and can travel for over 100kms with top speeds of around 25kms per hour. In Singapore for the first time, Linde has transformed these bikes into HY!cycles – complete with sidecars inspired by Singapore’s iconic trishaws.

The company’s HYMERA H2 fuel cell generators will also be put to work at the exhibition. They are capable of producing up to 175 watts of peak power and will be rigged up to provide power for around 40 mobile devices at Make the Future. Both technologies form part of Linde’s extensive H2 portfolio.

Sanjiv Lamba, member of the Executive Board of Linde AG and Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific, enthused, “We are delighted to showcase Linde’s innovative H2 bike and HYMERA technology as examples of how H2 can be a viable part of our future energy mix. H2 fuel cell technology may not be commonplace yet, but has been growing steadily in special applications such as transport and logistics, replacing conventional fuels.”

“As a champion of innovation and a supporter of H2 mobility, Linde is proud to once again partner with Shell to be its exclusive global H2 partner,” he added.

Dr. Christian Bruch, member of the Executive Board of Linde AG, underscored, “Our products and technical solutions play a major role when it comes to saving resources in production processes. Our H2 technologies help in reducing the carbon footprint of transportation.”