Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced the continuation of the global roll-out of its HiQ® specialty gases and specialty equipment product ranges, with the introduction of the HiQ® brand into Australia and Canada.

The announcement follows the recent launch of the brand in Thailand and the opening of the new specialty gases production and supply plant in South Africa, which was built to support the launch of the HiQ® range into the African market.

The standardisation of all Linde’s specialty gases solutions, including gas mixtures and high purity gases, specialty equipment products and associated services under HiQ® aligns these offerings across the global market under a single internationally recognised brand.

Uniting all specialty gases products under HiQ® will enable the company to provide all the benefits of synergies product standardisation delivers, including product innovation – plus a unique level of assurance to both local and global customers through the trademark’s guarantee of the highest quality and globally available consistency.

“The global standardisation and branding of all our specialty gases and specialty equipment ranges under the HiQ® umbrella is a significant step, as it signals to customers Linde’s commitment to provide the highest quality, consistency and compatibility across all our products,” said Stephen Harrison, Global Head of Specialty Gases and Specialty Equipment at Linde.

“The standardisation and alignment of operations behind the HiQ® brand will mean that products are not only highly competitive and straightforward to order, but will allow customers – particularly those operating across international boundaries – to buy confidently knowing they have a guarantee of international consistency.”

As part of the international roll-out, Canada will be introducing ECOCYL® OSQ, a lightweight, refillable cylinder for portable calibration of highly sensitive environmental monitoring devices.

As part of their HiQ® launch effort, Australia will be introducing two HiQ® specialty gases equipment ranges, REDLINE® and BASELINE®, which will also come under the HiQ® brand and will provide Australian customers with a one-stop solution for all specialty gas system projects.

Incorporating gas panels, points of use, cylinder regulators and other gas control components, REDLINE® is HiQ®’s premium specialty equipment range. Additionally, BASELINE® will provide customers with an entry level range of specialty gases cylinder regulators.

“We are very excited to re-brand our specialty gases range under the HiQ® umbrella,” said Jenia Mehdizadeh, Market Manager, Scientific, of Linde’s subsidiary, BOC Australia.

“This is another step for BOC Australia in delivering on our commitment to supply the very best in precision engineered equipment to our customers.”