Linde North America is powering progress and helping bright energy ideas grow into reality at Make the Future California, an event held in conjunction with the 2018 Shell Eco-marathon Americas.

The Shell Eco-marathon is a unique challenge in which student teams from around the world design and build energy-efficient vehicles and then compete to see which vehicle can travel the farthest on the least amount of fuel.

Linde, a global leader in hydrogen (H2) fuelling technology, will team up with Shell for the eighth year to support high-school and college teams competing in the Sonoma Raceway event with vehicles powered by H2 fuel cells. Linde will supply fuel, technical know-how, and support to all 13 student teams registered to race in the fuel cell category.

This is the first time that Make the Future will take place in a region that has already commercialised fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Linde, a pioneer in providing H2 stations for FCEVs, currently operates four of the 32 retail H2 stations open in the state of California. The Linde station in West Sacramento was the first fully retail H2 station in the world.

“Linde was among the first to recognise H2’s potential as a clean fuel,” said Mike Beckman, Vice-President of Hydrogen Fuelling at Linde Americas. “We’ve invested in developing the technologies necessary for H2 infrastructure. Our ongoing support for the H2 teams at the Shell Eco-marathon is an investment in developing talent for this new energy frontier.”

Linde’s participation at the 2018 Make the Future California event includes sponsoring the award for the winning H2 fuel cell team; a virtual reality experience that lets visitors ‘walk’ through a H2 production plant and see how H2 is cleanly and efficiently produced from natural gas; providing a team of Linde H2 experts that will inspect all competing fuel cell vehicles and offer technical expertise.

“H2 is the most economically viable clean energy fuel on display at the 2018 Shell Eco-marathon and is now gaining recognition for its staggering potential,” said Kushal Doshi, Senior Applications Equipment Engineer for Linde H2 Fuelling and Linde’s technical lead for the event. “Worldwide, government and industry are doubling down on their commitments to deploy fuel cell vehicles and H2 fuelling infrastructure, and Linde continues to be at the forefront of the market.”

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Source: Shell