Barely months after gasworld announced a growth in uptake for Linde’s on-site fluorine in Asia, the firm has announced a substantial investment in South Korea to meet the continuing demand for on-site fluorine.

Just today, news reached gasworld from Seoul, South Korea, that the Linde Gases Division is to open its new manufacturing facility to produce next generation on-site fluorine system equipment in Inju City, South Korea.

According to Carl Jackson, Head of Fluorine Business for the Linde Gases Division, “This €2.5 million investment in the new state-of-the-art fluorine systems facility is essential to support the continuous growth of our Asian customer base. It will also enable us to better serve our global customers with the exceptional quality, innovation and value that they have come to expect from Linde on-site F2 technology,$quot;

In March of this year, the Linde Group enjoyed particular demand for on-site fluorine from companies such as Tokyo Electron Limited, when it installed an on-site fluorine generator at the recipient’s Nirasaki R&D facility. More recently the Group is seeing further microelectronics manufacturers adopt Linde’s on-site fluorine systems. Indeed, Linde’s new 3,700 square metre facility integrates equipment assembly and chemical processing, while streamlining manufacturing operations. The addition is adjacent to the existing Linde Fluroine Centre of Excellence.

Linde firmly believes that the expansion is demonstrative of the international firm’s ongoing commitment to on-site fluorine technology. Brett Kimber, President of Linde Korea conveyed this, “We welcome and fully support the continued investment in on-site fluorine technology as it supports our growth plans, particularly in the Korean electronics markets.”