Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has launched the AVANTO™ smart connector, an advanced data capture device to augment the capabilities of its recently introduced welding management solution, AVANTO.

The technology, a state-of-the-art hardware module which connects to the welding machine, will provide a further layer of information to increase traceability, efficiency and quality assurance in welding processes.

The smart connector will capture real-time data about welding operation parameters as they are being performed, such as voltage and current (amps), rate of gas flow, wire speed and arc on/off time. The device is paired wirelessly to a smart phone or tablet and the data collected is transmitted digitally to the cloud-based AVANTO management solution, allowing for real-time comparison of parameters as specified in the welding procedure and the actual process steps being performed by the welder.

“With the addition of smart connector, AVANTO is set to transform the way welding is performed and documented.”

Daren Siddall, Global Marketing Manager at Linde

AVANTO already allows for the capture, monitoring and analysis of a vast amount of data required to manage a modern welding operation – from job and welding procedure creation, management of welder qualifications to the allocation of resources required to complete a weld, such as consumables, shielding gas, welding equipment and welder. The addition of smart connector enables welding supervisory personnel to easily recognise discrepancies between planned and actual process procedures, allowing them to identify and remedy potential problems, such as welder performance and productivity issues.

Daren Siddall, Global Marketing Manager at Linde said, “With the addition of smart connector, AVANTO is set to transform the way welding is performed and documented.” He continued, “The combined technologies will be a powerful tool to not only ensure welding to expected standards, but to provide everyone involved in the job, from welding engineers and supervisors to quality assurance managers, with full visibility of the process and easy compilation of documentation packs for customers.”

A key aspect of the smart connector is that it attaches to the standardised euro connector so providing compatibility with the widest number of welding machines. The device is ideally suited to firms focused on MIG/MAG welding processes who have welding machines from multiple OEMs. The unit can also be charged via USB cable, though it normally charges automatically when the welding machine is in operation.

The smart connector will be available to purchase from Q4 2017.