Linde LLC experts will be offering advice on cryogenic chilling technology and processes at the International Production & Processing Expo (booth B4651) at the Georgia World Congress Center on 12th-14th February.

Linde has a range of gases and gas-technology for the food industry, backed by an expert technical team and Food Technical Center.

The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments and works with food processors to develop optimal solutions.

Linde’s cryogenic solutions for chilling and freezing production include the new SmartChill control system was designed to deliver a consistent flow of cryogen to all injectors at the bottom of a mixer/blender for more consistent temperatures throughout a batch. It is also designed to supply the correct ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) to food product in every batch for high batch-to-batch consistency, which reduces wasted product.

The Automated Combo Chiller gently layers CO2 Snow onto raw meat or poultry as pieces are automatically loaded into the combo bin from the top.

And the new, patented, dual-action CRYOWAVE® CWI impingement freezer can reduce operating costs while increasing output. The high-efficiency freezer design delivers nearly three times the heat transfer rate of traditional cryogenic freezers, and the wave-action of the belt helps keep items separate as they freeze.

“Our customers recognise the opportunity for our leading-edge technologies to drive their operational efficiency and quality, and they tell us again and again how valuable our technical resources are to making that happen,” said Michael Beckman, Head of Food & Beverage, Linde Americas.