According to the company spokesman, Linde Gas has reached a point where hydrogen can be used as a real substitute in the transport sector.

To test hydrogen as an energy medium under real conditions on a larger scale, Linde started the “European Hydrogen Highway” initiative at the International Hydrogen Day in Berlin in February.

In the first stage, a freeway in Germany is to be fitted with hydrogen filling stations. The 1800km long road would connect almost all the development and production locations of German car manufacturers and expand or integrate existing H2 clusters.

Manual LH2 coupling from Linde///Linde Gas

However, the 1800km concept is still only on a planning level and would not become reality until in few years time. The project also requires investments from the German car manufacturers.

In addition, Linde has presented its new study on the costs of a hydrogen infrastructure. The study shows that the expansion of a hydrogen infrastructure in Europe by the year 2020 could be carried out far more cheaply than had been assumed to date.

Professor Dr Wolfgang, CEO of Linde AG, said: “The result of the study is a clear signal for us. The start of a hydrogen society is perfectly feasible.”

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