Linde Gas will be the sole provider of hydrogen fuel for the U.S.' largest hydrogen energy conference, which begins today in San Antonio, Texas.

At the National Hydrogen Association's conference, which runs March 19 to March 22, Linde will be supplying both compressed gaseous hydrogen and cryogenic liquid hydrogen to vehicles from automakers including BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, Honda, GM, Toyota and Volkswagon.

$quot;Fueling and driving hydrogen-powered vehicles just got easier and more energy efficient, thanks to technology developed by Linde. As the theme of this year's NHA conference is 'Hydrogen: Here and Now,' it is only appropriate for Linde to demonstrate our unique capability of fuelling all vehicles at this important event,$quot; said Joachim Wolf, executive director, hydrogen solutions, The Linde Group.

On Tuesday, March 20, Wolf and Frank Ochmann, head of the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series development project, BMW Group, will each present on the entire hydrogen chain, from production to use. Wolf also will deliver a keynote address on Thursday, March, 22 on the hydrogen infrastructure as well as a presentation public fuelling of hydrogen powered vehicles on March 21 in Exhibition Hall B.

Linde will also present at the Compressed Gas Association's segment following the NHA conference on Friday, March 23. Wolf will discuss the safety aspects of fueling vehicles with liquid hydrogen and Bob Boyd, hydrogen solutions project development manager, will discuss