Linde Gaz A.Ş., the Turkish branch of The Linde Group, has signed a deal with Vibracoustic CV Air Springs to supply an on-site nitrogen (N2) production facility.

Linde Gaz will construct and operate the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) plant, which will produce N2 for the German company to use in its commercial air springs manufacturing operations.

The plant will be remotely monitored, featuring product use control and instant malfunction detection technologies, and is due to begin operations at the end of 2016.

It is understood that Vibracoustic has been purchasing liquid N2 from the Tier One corporation for several years, with this investment now enabling safe and uninterrupted on-site production.

Mert Alper Kumbaracı, General Manager of Linde Gaz, highlighted, “With the on-site supply model, we are able to provide the advantage of reducing costs for companies that use a certain level of gas in this increasingly competitive setting.”

This further strengthens the group’s position in the Middle Eastern country after it announced its contract to supply 1,700 tonnes of N2 and oxygen (O2) per day to the Erdemir Group earlier this year. This air separation unit (ASU), planned to start up in 2017, will be the largest operated by an industrial gas company in Turkey.

gasworld Business Intelligence estimates that Linde is currently the second largest player in Turkey, holding a market share of just over 30%. The company has been investing heavily in the country in the past few years and brought a new 240 tpd CO2 liquefaction plant on-stream in Denizli in November, 2015.


Linde entered the Turkish market in 2006 and provides services with ten production and six filling and distribution facilities.