Linde Gaz has finalised investments for its new carbon dioxide (CO2) production facility in Denizli, and has brought the facility into service.

As the leading supplier in the CO2 market in Turkey, Linde Gaz not only supplies gas to its customers, but also offers special services and applications to reach today’s technology, safety, quality and environmental standards.

It’s new state-of-the-art facility in Denizli, boasting a capacity of 240 tonnes per day (tpd), also includes pipeline infrastructure connected to the highly anticipated ‘Organised Greenhousing Zone’ in the region.

According to gasworld Business Intelligence, the $15m investment sources raw CO2 from the nearby Zorlu Energy geothermal electricity plant, then purifies and liquefies the product. The majority of the plant’s capacity will be delivered to food and beverage clients in the region.

Linde Gaz A.Ş. General Manager Mert Alper Kumbaracı said of the investment, “With our new, state-of-the-art facility, we are proud to be offering another innovation to the industrialists in Turkey. By providing carbon dioxide gas with Linde’s quality and standards, we will offer our 136-year experience to the industrial gas sector in order to decrease costs, increase process performance, improve final product quality and ensure occupational safety.”

“This will not be limited to products only — supported by the global knowledge base, our highly-specialised technical staff will develop tailored solutions for our customers.”

Linde Gaz A.Ş. Bulk Operations Director, Bora Uluğ, added, “Despite all the lack of possibilities, a country like the Netherlands is in the leading position in Europe, and obtains a revenue of billions of euros via greenhousing. Through the presence of geothermal energy in the region, more than 250 sunshine days per year, use of natural carbon dioxide for photosynthesis in fertilisation, and the utilisation of lands unsuitable for organic farming, we can obtain the competitive edge, export products to the European market with packaging/freezing technology, and use our strategic advantage as a benefit to our country.”

Following the opening, 80 olive trees were planted at the area behind the plant; the trees will be irrigated with the purified wastewater from the facility, without releasing it to the environment.

With a new CO2 production facility coming in addition to an acetylene production plant in Ankara and sulfur dioxide facility in Silivri, both put into service last year, Linde continues to grow its offering to the Turkish market.