BNDES has agreed to finance Brazilian gas firm, Linde Gases Ltda, to build two new industrial gas generation facilities.

The directors of Brazilian development bank, BNDES, have signed off a R$54m ($23.3m) project loan to Linde Gases Ltda, a subsidiary of The Linde Group.

The funds will be used to implement two new industrial gas generation facilities, one in Camaçari, in Bahia state, and the other in Rio de Janeiro, in south east Brazil.

The Camaçari facility will have a production capacity of approximately 80m cubic metres per annum, and is expected to serve the North-eastern market, predominantly the state of Bahia.

The unit will allow Linde to serve industrial and medicinal gas clients across the state, but also those customers located in the industrial region of Candeias, approximately 30km away from the project site.

Work started on the unit in 2008 and is expected to be completed, ready to supply customer with argon, oxygen and nitrogen, by the end of this year

Santa Cruz, which will also produce argon, oxygen and nitrogen, has a production capacity of approximately 300m cubic metres per annum; the works started in December 2007 and the unit is due to start in the next few months.