Linde North America’s Oregon plant has been recognised as a health and safety “star”.

The electronic gases plant, in Medford, has operated since 1998, producing and shipping high-purity gases used in manufacturing integrated circuits.

It has achieved the highest level of excellence in employee health and safety by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The plant was certified with a Star rating under OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP), which recognise and promote the agency’s vision of an effective safety and health management system in every workplace in America.

Achieving a Star rating effectively means the plant becomes self-policing in terms of health and safety, for a period of three years.

This is the second time the Medford plant has received the VPP’s star rating, which covers a total of six consecutive years in the programme.

Charlie Koeher, Vice President of safety and health, environment and quality for Linde North America said, “This is truly a significant achievement. This means that everyone at our Medford facility is demonstrating exemplary behavior towards sustaining a safe working environment.”

He added, “I congratulate every employee at the plant for their dedication and commitment in creating a culture where caring for each other’s safety is a core value.”