Linde has played an important role in transforming Cleveland Clinic’s Health Education Campus Linde into a makeshift hospital for coronavirus patients in record time.

At the end of last month, Praxair Distribution Inc. (PDI) was asked to build a fully operational installation within just a couple of weeks.

With no time to lose, a cross-organisational Linde team immediately convened, surveyed the site and came up with a basic proposal including site drawings the next day.

Although developed from scratch in a mere 72 hours, upon review, it turned out the proposal was so thorough there were no changes necessary.

The 1,000-bed surge facility is intended to care for patients that are within 48 hours of discharge, but still require extended care and oxygen therapy.


Source: Linde

The seamless exchange of information among the people involved enabled us to accelerate our processes in an unprecedented way,” said Bill Krug, Account Manager of Praxair Healthcare Services. “I think we all knew what had to happen.”

Site preparation for the bulk oxygen supply with a 6,000-gallon main tank and a 3,400-gallon backup began about a week from the initial request.

The equipment for the temporary installation was set in place a few days later, and the piping of the tanks, vaporizers and manifold began immediately.

With the system certified for launch, the next day was the initial fill and in-service with Cleveland Clinic.

“They projected an in-service within 36 hours of starting their work and met it handily,” Krug said.