Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, has announced an extension to its SPECTRA Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) gases range through the launch of its toxic organics (TO) gases standard for TO15/17.

SPECTRA Volatile Organic Compounds are part of the Linde HiQ® family of specialty gases.

The leading edge environmental calibration gas mixture, which has been increased from 62 components to 65 through the additions of naphthalene, acrolein and methyl methacrylate, will allow for greater lab efficiency in the detection and monitoring of a broader range of pollutants affecting both indoor and ambient air quality - utilising a single source gas standard, versus the utilisation of multiple standards.

With increasing regulatory requirements, more rigorous demands in measurement and even new contaminants to monitor, laboratories performing environmental analysis to detect and monitor our air quality are being constantly confronted with change and are under continuous pressure to expand their scope and expertise.

Innovative, next generation calibration gas mixtures are essential to enable new air quality analysis technologies and meet the needs of laboratories researchers.

Linde plays a pioneering role in the global specialty gases market and these highly innovative gas standards from the SPECTRA VOC range are further evidence of Linde's market leading approach to the environmental sector.

“Calibration is the key to producing quality information about the air we breathe,” said Stephen Mandel, Head Environmental and Calibration Products at Linde.

“Calibration gases that can accurately and repeatedly report values of the instrument being measured are essential to provide laboratories with the highest level of confidence. The new TO15/17 calibration standard from our SPECTRA VOC range, with its enhanced mixture components, will allow for greater efficiency for laboratories performing either TO15 or TO17 analysis”.

Irene DeGraff, Product Marketing Manager, Air Monitoring and Sample Preparation, at Restek Corporation, added, “As a distributor, it’s important for us to be able to rely on our suppliers to be knowledgeable of the changing market in response to customers’ needs.$quot;

$quot;The addition of methyl methacrylate, acrolein and naphthalene to the TO15/17 mix is a good example of how Linde has exhibited that knowledge and expertise.$quot;