Honeywell has provided the Linde Group with a sophisticated operation solution that aids simulator-based training for its remote operating centres, controlling gas plants across the globe.

The Honeywell UniSim Operation technology will enable plant operator trainees to quickly develop confidence, competency and experience dealing with both normal and abnormal situations – without risk to the operation.

Linde operates more than 1,300 gas production plants globally. Over 500 of these are large-scale plants, both hydrogen plants and ASU’s. To help them run safely, more efficiently and productively, operation of Linde’s plants has been consolidated into a small number of remote operating centres (ROC).

Operators in each ROC oversee control of dozens of plants across different countries. In this diverse operating environment, a high level of operator competence is essential to ensure safe and smooth control for start-up’s or process upsets. Hand-over of control for new plants from local operation to the ROC must also be carefully managed.

With such events occurring rarely, opportunities for training and preparing ROC operators were limited. Moreover, there is significant risk of causing downtime when training on the real system.

The UniSim Operation is an on-premise cloud based centrally-managed operator training simulation (OTS) platform for all ROCs. Operators worldwide can access OTS training for typical plant configurations from their workstations.

Honeywell’s UniSim software has allowed Linde to rapidly roll out consistent, high quality OTS training across its ROCs worldwide.

Jan Heinrich, HyCO Operations Manager, Linde Gas added, “The OTS enabled us to train operators in our remote operating centre in Germany, even before the plant in Finland finished commissioning. This resulted in a very smooth handover of the operations of the plant from commissioning to normal remote operation phase.”